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Continuing the Legend...
Here at Parfums Robert Piguet, we have been creating fragrances for over 60 years. Our legendary perfumers, artists in their own right, have been entrusted to carry forth the hallmarks of everything that the "Most Parisian of Designers" stood for, as he established one of the World's most pioneering and cult fashion houses Paris has known.

Our collection of "five star" perfumes have won their place in the Perfumery Hall of Fame, and continue to this very day to astound, hypnotise and enrich the lives of anyone lucky enough to encounter them.

From the dark, avante-guard yet hauntingly beautiful depths of "Bandit" (a Chypre fragrance light-years ahead of it's time) through to the unmistakeably refined white-floral clutches of the femme-fatale "Fracas" to the unforgettable velvet warmth of the softly spoken "Visa de Robert Piguet", a Robert Piguet fragrance could take a lifetime to equal, and certainly an eternity to forget.

We believe imitation is the highest form of flattery, and although some of our perfumes have inspired countless others, their beauty and quality has rarely been equalled.

As you join our family and as one of our highly esteemed Piguet customers, allow us to share with you some of our secrets to making the very most out of your new Robert Piguet signature perfume.

Now you can relax, for your search ends here...

The best part of the body to wear your fragrance?
Anywhere that the temperature of the skin is set to rise throughout the day; behind the ears, the nape of the neck, wrists and between the breasts for ladies are all excellent fragrance baring points. A misting of perfume about the hair is also an excellent idea on that extra special occasion.

Apply your perfume in private, savour the moment; it is one of the sacred parts of the day. Never rub the area for you may taint the fragrance from developing properly. Spraying or applying to clothing should not be necessary.

The unique chemical make-up of the skin helps the fragrance to "perform".

How and where to best store your perfume?
The legendary design of our black glass flacon has remained unchanged for decades. Apart from being one of the most decadent and glamorous designs, the black glass is one of the most perfect materials for housing fragrance as it lets no natural sunlight in, which can, over time, taint the juice.

Keep your fragrance in a cool, dry place away from high temperatures.

Stoppers must always be placed back into the parfum flacons immediately after use and wiped clean with a soft cloth or silk beforehand. Putting your fragrance in the door of the refrigerator over night, especially in the height of summer, can be an excellent way to re-awaken and accentuate your fragrances appeal.

How long will my fragrance last for?
This really depends from wearer to wearer. Our fragrances are known for their longevity on the skin and ability to perform. A Piguet fragrance applied in the morning should certainly still be evident come dusk, and if applied in the evening you will be set through to the following morning. The holding power of our fragrances is something of which we are extremely proud of, and this puts us up there with the finest perfume houses of the World. Your 100ml bottle should really last around 6 months.

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